5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Brand

I recently connected with a prospective client who felt their brand could use an upgrade. Kudos to them, because this is not always an easy thing to recognize. When you're busy running daily operations, connecting with clients, and selling your product or service, it can be hard to make time for the little details. But, you're already here, so why not devote the next few minutes to a little brand analysis? These five signs will tell you it's time to upgrade your brand.

1. You're not posting regularly on social media

Does your brand have a social media presence? A Facebook page with a few sporadic posts, an Instagram profile with 50 followers, or maybe you used to write weekly blogs on a consistent basis, but other priorities came up and you haven't gotten back into it. Whatever the case, if your social engagement is practically non existent, you're likely missing out on opportunities to connect with your audience, announce important product information, and convert followers to customers.

2. Your brand links are inconsistent

Take a look at your website URL, your brand name, and your social media usernames. Do they all match up? This is one of the first things I check for when meeting with prospective clients. It's a basic branding step that, when overlooked, can confuse the hell out of viewers and make it more difficult for customers to connect. For example, you're a dentist and your company is called Perfect Smile, but your website is PerfectSmilesToday.com and your Facebook business page is SmileToday, and your Instagram is @Smiles_Today. A client may post a before and after photo praising the difference your dentistry has made in their lives, and they want to tag you in the post but give up because they don't find you right away. Maybe that example seems over the top, but it happens more often than you think. Just remember, people will have a hard time establishing a memorable connection with your business if there are little inconsistencies throughout your branding.

3. Your website hasn't been updated in months...or years

This one has a real simple test. Open your website on your mobile phone. Is it easy to navigate? Is the text the right size for the page? Do the photos load properly? If the site hasn't been updated in the last few years, chances are it isn't "mobile optimized." Why does that matter? No reason...oh yeah...except that, "50% of smartphone users won't recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site." (Impact)

4. The idea of creating video content makes your head spin

Video is as important to branding as mobile optimization is to websites. With attention spans dwindling, you no longer have the time to capture the viewers' interest that you used to. People need to see your product in action, they want to meet the team behind the service, and they expect to find testimonials and visual case studies to inform their decision making. If your brand isn't visible, it's invisible.

5. You're reading this blog

Gut instinct is never something to ignore. And if you feel it's time to make some changes, you're probably right. For anyone struggling with this decision, I've got you covered. This branding questionnaire will help clarify your business goals and narrow down what's missing from your strategy. You can use it to figure out how well you know yourself, your audience, and your brand. The more answers you fill in, the closer you'll be to figuring out the next steps for your business.