Hi! My name is Meg.

I’m a digital marketing strategist and website designer based in San Diego, California, here to help you get ahead on next year’s marketing goals.

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In life, it only takes a few seconds to judge someone.

For better or for worse, I think we can all agree that, in a few seconds, you can decide whether you like someone, whether you trust them, and whether you want to spend your time on them.

Well, guess what. It’s the same in business!

In a few seconds of browsing online, customers will decide whether they like you, whether they trust you and whether they want to buy from you.

Let’s make a great first impression with your website.

That way, you can focus on what you’re good at, and what you love, rather than spending hours on marketing tasks you don’t enjoy or have the interest to learn.

I’ll build your website and set up your lead generation, so you can focus on connecting with clients and growing your business!


What will the site look like?

  • Desktop and mobile-optimized website (built on Wix or Squarespace)

  • 5 CUSTOMIZED PAGES including a Home page, About page, Contact page and 2 additional pages of your choice

  • MailChimp set up

  • Lead capture form

  • 1 Email Template

  • Social icons

  • Blog transfer or Blog starter

  • PLEASE NOTE: This does not include purchase of URL and website subscription.

What else is included?

  • 1 hour strategy call

  • Site template selection

  • 2 rounds of revision

What support will I receive?

  • Tutorial resources upon launch

  • Ability to update your own site

  • 30 days post launch support

Why work with me?

As a digital marketing specialist, I've worked with brands ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

One of the best things about working with startups is learning to wear many hats. When you work with me, you’re not just getting a website designer, you’ll get strategic advice across the spectrum of marketing, including email marketing, social media management, video editing, you name it.

Aside from the results I bring, clients choose to work with me because they know I am highly selective of who I work with as well.

I treat their business as if it were my own, and only work with those whose products or services I truly support. Having that passion for their business spills over into the work that I do, resulting in high quality content and always going above and beyond. Passion is one of my highest values and I choose to surround myself with others who feel the same, that’s why my favorite clients are those that are truly passionate about their products or service — the work you do is making the world a better place!

What kind of results can you expect?

Some of the biggest improvements my clients see from working with me are:

1) New clients of course!!

2) Past clients with renewed interest and loyalty to your offers

3) An elevated perception of your brand online

4) A spike in engagement and followers

5) A boost of motivation and confidence in your business skills

6) Clarity on goals for the future of your brand

A few words from my clients


Nicole – Personal Trainer, Efficient Working Bodies

Meg has made a huge impact on my business. From strategy and web design to email and social media marketing, she has exceeded all my expectations. She goes above and beyond, and is truly passionate about my business.

Working with someone who is creative and tech savvy is one thing, but I wasn’t expecting to find someone as excited about my business as I am. She is hard working, highly motivated, and extremely talented.

I don’t want to share her but suppose I have to!

Thank you Meg!


Gina – Nutritionist, Virtuous Healers

Meg designed my website, my logo, and provided invaluable marketing advice.

This woman is a real professional. Thanks to her, I have a platform to grow, a clear revenue stream, and I love that she believes in my business and products.

I’ve recommended her to many close friends, and look forward to seeing others succeed through her work.

Why now?

Are you getting by on word of mouth? Are you losing customers to competitors with a professional website and thousands of online followers?

It’s time for a positive step in the right direction.

Get the professional look and feel that your brand needs, connect with your customers on a personal level, and increase sales with online conversions.

Life is not meant to be lived sitting on the sidelines. It’s time for your brand to get off the bench and into the game.

Save $300 on your custom website

Normally, this service is valued at $1800 but I’m offering a special discount for a select number of businesses that truly inspire the best in their customers. If you’re a passionate business owner and your products or services are changing peoples lives, then that is something I want to be a part of. So I’m offering my web design and strategy services for 3 monthly installments of $500 (a total of $1500). But hurry, this offer expires January 1st!

You cannot create results, without decision and intention.

And really, what is $1500 in the grand scheme of things? You’ll save so much time not trying to build your site on your own, watching tutorials, trying to strategize by yourself, creating content that doesn’t convert viewers…the list goes on. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve learned is to focus on what you are good at, and delegate what you are not good at. So if web design isn’t what you are good at, it’s time to delegate it.

Ready to do this?

Sign up below to reserve your spot for a custom website. This does not require any payment at this time. I’ll reach out with next steps for scheduling our strategy call and setting up your monthly payment plan.

If you’re not ready to hit the gas, let’s chat about what’s holding you back. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before committing to your custom website.

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